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What are the precautions for fire safety in the prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

With the development of the city, prefab houses can be seen everywhere on construction sites. In construction sites, prefabricated houses are the most convenient and practical buildings for construction workers to temporarily live in. The main construction material, color steel plate, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and convenient installation. , workshops, warehouses, shops, kiosks and temporary housing on construction sites are widely used!

But at the same time, while the prefab house is convenient to use, we should also pay attention to fire prevention, because the middle interlayer of some prefab houses on the market is not incombustible materials such as rock wool, which requires improving personal fire prevention awareness to avoid fire hazards. Occurs, so we need to know the knowledge of safety fire prevention and fire extinguishing, just in case, we can better face and deal with dangerous situations! The following Co., Ltd. will introduce to you what precautions and precautions for fire safety of prefabricated houses during construction and production at the construction site?

The fire safety of the prefab house on the construction site should pay attention to the following five aspects:

1. When designing the color steel plate building, it is necessary to strictly implement the 'Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design' and 'Technical Specification for Fire Safety at Construction Sites' and other national standard requirements. Construction projects such as factories, warehouses, and shops using color steel plates for new construction, expansion, and reconstruction, and temporary buildings used for densely populated places shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the 'Regulations on Fire Supervision and Administration of Construction Projects.

2. Conscientiously implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the user's fire safety awareness, do a good job in fire safety training, and improve protection awareness.

3. Use non-combustible materials such as cement foam and rock wool with good fire resistance as the core material, and do not use polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. as the core material.

4. The number of floors in the newly built color steel plate house should not exceed two floors, and try to control it on the first floor.

5. During use, some heat sources and fire sources should keep a certain distance from the steel plate.

6. Strengthen the daily fire safety management of prefabricated houses, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances in prefabricated houses, and cut off all power sources in time when leaving the room; It is used in electric room, inflammable and explosive goods warehouse, etc.

7. The laying of electrical circuits must meet the requirements of the specification, all wires should be laid openly and covered with flame retardant pipes, lamps and walls should be kept at a safe distance, and fluorescent lamps should be electronic ballast type, not coil inductance When the wire passes through the color steel sandwich panel wall, it must be covered with a non-combustible plastic tube, and each panel room must be equipped with a qualified leakage protection device and a short-circuit overload switch.

8. When the prefab room is a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outward, the beds should not be placed too densely, and a safe passage should be reserved; a sufficient number of fire extinguishers should be provided, and indoor fire hydrants should be installed to ensure that the water flow and the pressure to meet the relevant requirements.

9. The firefighting equipment should be well-equipped and effective, and fire alarms should be installed if conditions permit, to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel.

10. The office area, living area and operation area should be set separately, and a certain safety distance should be maintained between the color steel plate houses

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