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What are the precautions for the activity room?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-05

What are the precautions for the mobile room?

Quality safety color steel prefab. It meets the needs of today's social and economic development. We have many years of practical experience. Continuous improvement and innovation. It makes the mobile house occupy an irreplaceable important position in the construction field. Large and small cities in our country, including foreign countries, have the shadow of mobile homes. as long as we use it reasonably. Pay attention to maintenance. The prefab itself is flawless. Color steel sandwich activity room. It is the product of choice for large construction sites and projects. He can reuse it. Build fast, no construction waste. In recent years, rock wool boards have been newly introduced. He is fire and earthquake resistant. Make the mobile home industry icing on the cake.

The following points should be paid attention to when installing the prefab. During the installation of the prefab, the board surface should be checked to ensure that there is no obvious deformation and damage. All set screws, waterproof washers and metal washers. , are indispensable. Mobile home panels should be installed smoothly. Do not step on the empty place during installation. It is easy to deform the board seam.

Causes the house to leak. The wires in the mobile room should be connected by PVC pipes. The electrical configuration should meet the design requirements. Ensure that the line is insulated, and it will not be used for long periods of time without aging. The activity room must have a standardized design. Ensure that fire escapes are unobstructed.

Fire extinguishers and hydrants should be well stocked. Insulation and fire prevention measures should be in place in fire places such as kitchens. Do not stack debris around the activity room. Ensure that the paint on the steel components is intact and free of rust. The surrounding of the mobile house should ensure that the drainage is smooth and there is no stagnant water.

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