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What are the precautions for the container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-16

Fire is the most common occurrence in the current construction site. If the container mobile house you use is made of foam color steel panels, you must also pay attention to fire prevention. Container house

1. Please do not weld near the wall;

2. The heating stove should be used in winter Install fire protection devices;

3. For container houses that need to be waterproofed, it is strictly forbidden to use blowtorches on the room materials;

4. Indoor wiring laying Metal pipes should be used, reliable grounding or refractory pipes should be used. In addition, casings should be added for protection when passing through the wall;

The container prefab with color steel plate is lighter in weight than the all-steel structure, and may be damaged when encountering strong winds of level 8. It may be dangerous to be blown by the wind. Experts suggest that when using a color steel container, it should be the same as building a color steel house, and there should be a device to fix the bottom. It is not serious in the inland areas, but in the cities along the coast of our country, it is often hit by typhoons, and the prefab container houses must be fixed.

Prohibition of three floors: We often see on the construction site that there are three-story color steel plate houses, but for color steel plate container prefab houses, because of their lighter texture, there are really 3 floors. A container house is superimposed together, which may have a great safety hazard.

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