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What are the prices and advantages of container

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
Live what are the price of one container and advantages

is one container production, novel style and complete, hardcover, thermal insulation, durable, container house rental price is favorable, small make up to introduce you to live and advantages what the price of one container?

the so-called live one container, is a type of prefabricated houses. The live one container used to site lease for workers living is given priority to, also often have some private rent and buy. The biggest advantage is cheap one container. 3 * 6 m container, rental price is 6 yuan/day, a month only need 180 yuan, 2160 yuan a year. If you want to buy, every price 10000 yuan, can be made according to buyers' demand.

live one container advantage

live container seismic, wind resistance, using steel as raw materials, hard channel steel as the main body frame box, and then put the rest of the welded into a whole, the thickness of the steel is generally 10 centimeters - 12 cm, pressure can reach 3 tons, so the external force produced by general earthquake influence on live one container is limited, and relatively safe in the container. Because of using steel as raw material, produce the product itself is heavy, don't move easily. Its shock resistance is strong, that are widely used in earthquake disaster relief live one container as temporary housing. He can also open the door, each other to form hall room, to enhance the wind resistance coefficient.

container has a great advantage. First is flexibility, for people can whole mobile container, need not to remove, can better maintain container integrity of the product.

in terms of environmental protection, live container uphold the concept of green environmental protection, people seldom produce construction waste, can better protect the environment. Live in a foreign country, one container are widely used, because live one container at first cheap, supply people with no life safeguard. Later because the live person container advantage, accepted by most people, as stores, warehouse, or to build exquisite villas. Moreover, people live in container is to weld together commonly, use steel frame, the structure is more strong, can withstand greater pressure and impact, and better able to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Live one container can rent can buy, customers can choose to buy or rent one container products, way more flexible, customer can have more choices. are generally not welded structure, connect steel welded frame, container trailer structure more strong, can withstand greater pressure and impact, and can better withstand the impact of natural disasters like typhoon and earthquake, allow people to live more at ease and comfortable. For now, the container trailer according to the different types can be divided into white white box, iron roof white boxes and boxes of three different types of iron, the three different types of container trailer prices vary, quality and performance also has a gap.
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