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What are the structural design principles of the mobile room

by:Lida Group     2022-01-27

At present, the design of the container prefab is based on the traditional structural design, that is, the designer determines the structural plan according to the design requirements, according to his own design experience, referring to similar engineering designs, and then makes the strength , stiffness, stability and other aspects of the calculation. In fact, this kind of calculation is often only a check and supplement function, which verifies the feasibility of the original scheme, but this method greatly increases the design cycle, and it is difficult to correctly select many design parameters. The structure designed by this method is often not easy to meet the design requirements, or although the design requirements are met, there are unreasonable structural forms and material use, and the comprehensive performance of the structure cannot reach the ideal state.
Design refers to the technical creation and creative activities carried out by designers with goals and plans. The task of design is not only to serve life and business, but also to be accompanied by artistic creation. According to the definition of industrial designer Victor Papanek, design is the conscious and intuitive effort to construct meaningful order. A more detailed definition is as follows: Step 1: Understand user expectations, needs, motivations, and understand business, technical, and industry needs and constraints. Step 2: Turn this knowledge into a plan for the product (or the product itself) that makes the form, content, and behavior of the product useful, usable, desirable, and economically and technically feasible. (This is where the meaning and basic requirements of design lie) This definition can be applied to all areas of design, although the focus varies from form to content to behavior. With the development of modern technology, the advent of the knowledge society, and the evolution of innovation forms, design is also evolving from the work of professional designers to a wider range of user participation. The innovation 2.0 model of participation is gradually emerging. User needs, user participation, and user-centricity are considered to be important characteristics of design innovation under new conditions. Users have become the key words of Innovation 2.0, and user experience is also considered to be the core of the Innovation 2.0 model in the knowledge society environment. Design is no longer the patent of professional designers. User participation and user-centricity have also become the key words of design. The exploration of innovative design modes such as Fab Lab and Living Lab is becoming the innovation 2.0 mode of design. The simplest definition of design is a 'purposeful creative act'. Yet design is also a profession. For example, in the film industry there is a role of scene design, and in the printing industry, there is a role of packaging design. Different from English use, the word Designer in English, when used in Chinese, the two words design and designer can be called together. There are quite a lot of theories and issues extending from the word design, and the social environment where design is a profession is usually called the design world. Due to the long history of development theory in European and American countries, the design history and related theories often take European and American industrial design and architectural design as the two major mainstreams. Since design behaviors are generally interpreted as having clear goals, in modern times, creations that have the opposite meaning to design are called random numbers, random numbers, and so on. In the West, large-scale design systems are often called Architecture buildings. The architecture here is not specific architecture, but an abstract description.
The mobile home originated in the United States and can be traced back to the early days of automobiles and electric road trips. It comes from a travel trailer - a small unit with wheels that is often used for camping. This type of house emerged because of the need for house portability. This kind of house was originally mainly sold to those who live in indeterminate place, work and life are mobile in nature, and fixed house is not very suitable for them. Beginning in the 1950s, such houses were promoted as low-cost housing, built and placed in one place for a long period of time, or even permanently installed with stone foundations. Previously, such housing units were 8 feet or less wide, but in 1956, 10-foot (3 m) wide housing was introduced with the new term 'mobile home'. Rather than the streamlined shape of a travel trailer, the prefab is rectangular and made of painted aluminum panels, which are usually assembled and then painted. This helps differentiate a mobile home from a travel trailer. In the 1950s, prefabricated houses became popular in Europe, and in the 1960s, they began to develop into developed countries such as Canada and Japan. Mobile homes entered China in the 1960s and were mainly used for temporary housing at the earliest. With the development of products, mobile homes are gradually used in offices, guard boxes, warehouses, etc. After 2000, the real estate industry began to develop rapidly, and the opportunity for the development of prefabricated houses appeared.

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