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What are top selling products in Lida Group?
Series are the most popular products Lida Group sold those years. A number of these products have continued to dominate their markets.  While posting strong performance at a reasonable price, shipping container house consistently sells in significantly large numbers over years. It has expanded to many international markets and receives high recognition, which in turn promotes our company's competitiveness and growth.

The popularity of light steel villa produced by Lida Group brand has been increasing rapidly. The camp house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product is highly resistant to rust. Its surface has been treated with an oxide protective layer to prevent from the damage of wet environments. This product is highly adaptable to dynamic loads. The quality of glass green house can be guaranteed by Lida Group. This product is known fr its strong seismic resistance.

our team aims to be a major light steel villa exporter in the home and overseas. Contact!
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