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What classification container home building materials?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
Container house now use expanded, is common in many places. Such as construction sites and light steel villa, often referred to as a container house and container. What are the sorting packing the material of the building? 1 aluminum profile, aluminum profile with raw materials to build advantage of container is very light is beneficial to build, and the surface is very beautiful. This kind of container house high corrosion resistance, good ductility, prompting it in production and processing level operation is simple, made of aluminum alloy profiles container manufacturing costs and maintenance costs are relatively cheap. 2, glass fiber reinforced plastic made of glass fiber reinforced plastic raw material container advantage is compressive strength, stiffness big, large content, this kind of container houses also have heat preservation, good corrosion resistance to solvent properties, and made of glass fiber reinforced plastic live one container is relatively easier to sweep clean, it is simpler to repair even easier and faster. 3, wood made of wood raw material container impact toughness, mechanical equipment damage resistance is strong, can bear great yards of load. And this kind of support with wood container also can be applied to carry out the acquisition to, save cost reasonably. Good living one container corrosion, low carbon environmental protection. And when it becomes waste, can carry out the development and utilization. To build troubleshoot reasonable space for everyone. 4, stainless steel plate, steel structure tightly, tightness is the advantage of raw material preparation and welding welding. And comments on high living container house used stainless steel plate for container house built, this kind of stainless steel plate container surface elegant appearance and the applications of the completion probability multiplication, stainless steel sheet with acid class is more than the average highlights, and more durable for a long time, and this kind of raw material has good corrosion resistance, high compressive strength characteristics, so the application of this kind of stainless steel plate sheet metal can achieve the purpose of resistance to fire as soon as possible.
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