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What container house daily maintenance methods

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
What container house daily maintenance methods

container house maintenance method

1, unused live container which protection

container when not used, mainly pay attention to what aspects to induce maximum use for a long time in one container? Homeowners have lived one container waste their prevention first, actually the sun is the source of the biggest damage, direct sunlight on any object, every day to be able to come back to hurt the object. Live one container is no exception, so storage container, it is important to note that shading. Similarly, when it rains, must also be prepared to rainproof measures, likewise, water is the most easy to let one container from corrosion.

2, protection of the live one container

live people use in the container, the main fear of transport process, encounter obstacles, scratch live protective layer on the surface of the container, container is easily eroded, reduce to the use of container whole cycle. Thus in transit must be around some possible collision barriers.

container is made of steel, anti-rust moisture is a key, the paint is an important link in their

1. Metal art the best paint container: when using container as a work of art, using clear protective cover, delay oxidation, corrosion, or any other damage from the sun and other natural elements. The paint can light metal at the same time protect the integrity of the arts.

2。 The use of containers: check to make sure how to use the container. You can use these containers as the basis of works of art, homes, cafes, restaurants, and, of course, for the transport of goods. The use of expectations will help you determine the best type of paint.

3。 Paint for container used as housing: ceramic coatings, also ACTS as an insulator and adhesive in the use of containers as a home. Ceramic coating fireproof, help to make sound. These features allow the container as is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

4。 The best coating: paint steel container shipping acrylic paint paint an additional a mixture of zinc phosphate and plasticizing. Antirust polyurethane enamel makes another good paint choose steel container. These provide an attractive appearance and durability, to ensure that the strength and integrity to keep from rusting metal - — An important element because the container receives the harmful elements.

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