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What container trailer daily maintenance methods

by:Lida Group     2020-07-17
Produced by the method of container trailer what daily maintenance for people container warm in winter and cool in summer, green environmental protection, mobile and flexible, the advantages of security firm, has long been government support, the social universal acceptance, today small make up about the maintenance method of the container house: 1, if you need long time living in container inside activity room, to clean the floor once a week, and to do well ventilated, time cooking materials, after all, hard to avoid is a little peculiar smell of the body is unwell, do not pile up around sundry, will affect the escape.

2, set up container trailer, the foundation must be secure, screw to be good, after all, is the master, if your housing area is larger, especially don't this kind of building, container mainly use the winter leisure, fitness, flowers, etc.

3, in the choice of container house can open the whole movement color plate trailer, this kind of container trailer will not have a class insulation board color plate trailer poor lighting, fixed daylighting top class trailer, the problem of high indoor temperature in summer. 4, if you are set up to kind of flowers and plants, to make container trailer building security and health, and regularly to activities inside the room a thorough cleaning and cleaning, especially don't pile up garbage, to prevent spontaneous combustion.
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