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What goods are not eligible for container shipping?

by:Lida Group     2022-11-22

People understand that not all goods can be transported in international shipping containers. Most of the goods can be transported, but there are still very few goods that are not suitable for transport. According to the requirements, there are 12 categories of goods that are suitable for container loading, that is, delivery Electricity, instruments and equipment, small machines, glass and porcelain, art; promotional materials and paper patterns, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, food, daily necessities, chemical products, knitwear and hardware accessories, etc.

What kind of goods cannot be shipped by container sea?

1. Fresh goods. For example, fresh fish, shrimp, etc., due to the longer shipping time of the opposite sex, these products will deteriorate and cannot be sold normally and cannot be eaten.

2. If the net weight of the goods exceeds the net weight of the container, it cannot be shipped by container house.

3. Oversized goods cannot be transported by container. Some large parts are extremely high and high. These goods can only be transported on the ship's warehouse or on the springboard by the carrier.

4. Containers do not apply for military transportation. If the army or a military enterprise applies for shipping containers by sea, it shall be handled as a commercial shipping application. The application for military transportation using spare containers is no longer in accordance with the container transportation standards.

In container freight transportation, in order to ensure the safety of ships, cargo, and boxes, appropriate containers must be selected according to the characteristics, type, capacity, weight and appearance of the goods; otherwise, not only some goods cannot be consigned, but also due to the use of Damage to the goods due to improper use. The following considerations can be made for the use of containers for container goods:

(1) Clean up goods and dirty goods: product containers, ventilated containers, open-top containers, and refrigerated vehicles can be used;

(2) Precious and fragile goods: product containers can be used;

(3) Frozen goods and perishable goods: refrigerated trucks, ventilated containers, and heat-insulated containers can be used;

(4) Bulk container: Bulk container and tank container can be used;

(5) Small animals and plants: select livestock (small animal) containers, ventilation containers;

(6) Very heavy goods: choose open top containers, frame containers, platform containers;

(7) Dangerous goods: product containers, frame containers, and refrigerated trucks can be selected.

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