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What is a color steel prefab? What should be paid attention to in the installation of color steel movable room

by:Lida Group     2022-02-11

This kind of color steel prefab can be seen on many construction sites. The color steel prefab is different from the houses that people live in daily. This kind of house is temporary and is mainly used for accommodation for local workers. And this kind of color steel prefab can meet the use of a certain space, and can also be used twice, which reduces the cost to a certain extent. Therefore, color steel prefabs are built on many construction sites. Next, let's learn what is the color steel prefab house and what needs to be paid attention to in the installation of the color steel prefab house.

1. What is a color steel prefab house

A color steel prefab house is made of light steel as the skeleton, and then some fence materials are added, after a certain combination, and then connected and fixed with bolts. The color steel movable room has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful appearance, economical application, low price, etc., and it can also prevent typhoons, earthquakes, heat insulation and moisture, and is very suitable for some emergency projects.

2. What should be paid attention to in the installation of prefabricated steel prefabs

Prefabricated prefabs are subject to sunlight, wind and rain all year round, and moisture in nature will cause corrosion to prefabricated prefabs, especially in the air. Sulfur dioxide is more corrosive. Therefore, anti-corrosion should be considered when designing the color steel movable room. At present, the main method of anti-corrosion is to use a protective layer and spray anti-rust paint.

When designing the color steel prefab house, it is also necessary to consider the changes of the attachment components of the nodes, especially some main nodes, otherwise it will affect the whole prefab structure. After a series of studies, the best connection method is close to the hinge, This way the force will be more even and stronger.

The color steel prefab will be deformed during the production, transportation and dismantling process. If the deformation is not tested and then installed again, there will be problems. Therefore, when designing, the acceptable deformation limit should be specified. to ensure the safety of the structure. When installing the color steel prefab house, you should also pay attention to whether the surrounding environment is suitable. If there are two layers, you should pay attention to the welding of embedded parts between the two layers. The installation should be based on the design requirements, and there should be no leakage or false welding.

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