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What is a container trailer? After use to play what role?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
What is the container house? At present this kind of container trailer popularized slowly, into a housing new atmosphere, into the daily life of everyone. This way of container trailer to choose container design create, because his shape with similar shipping containers, so this kind of house are able to carry out random together, on the basis of your hobby installation. A lot these days everyone's requirements. Is now big cities lack of farmland, particularly in the more developed cities in economic development, a lot of loss of population into, to promote the balance of supply and demand of the residence is more and more increasingly anxious. The shipping container type container trailer fine processing everyone settled question, became a collision trends of building system, may at any time move to the country, have more convenient and comfortable life for everyone. After use can play what effect? The advantage of container house key reflected in the following several aspects: 1, transportation is convenient, especially in the appropriate conversion engineering often ShiGongDian enterprise; 2, durable, most of them are made from steel with seismic performance and resistance to deformation, the effect is good. 3, good sealing performance, strict production process to make this kind of container house has good tightness; 4, container trailer low carbon environmental protection, cost savings, more flexible change multiterminal, relativity can show that occupy the home a lot of selected traditional residence, personal, home, and even can get a neighborhood, a steel box made of houses can also be filled with fashion aura, is very kind to the environment. 5, activity based on the specification sheet stainless steel chassis, so can be divided into a lot of space, the space not only can be used for office space, a lot of living space. Note is that the width is 2. 4 meters, the height is 2. 2 meters, length of 4 meters to 12 meters. 6, the disassembly is convenient, superior performance, smooth solid, good seismic performance, moistureproof fire safety corrosion resistance, light weight. Belongs to the overall structure and the composition of small structure, metope generally choose steel plate, also can use carpentry board have adornment effect, still can move as a whole. Life is long, about 20 years.
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