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What is a qualified container architecture? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-30
Container is a kind of multifunctional buildings, general purpose is to live, work and so on. But make it live one container and prefabricated houses and in the form of light steel villa. Then why do container can be promotion by the masses, the key lies in convenient conditions and the advantage of low price. The purpose of the container is for living, be sure to strengthen its security is. What is a qualified container architecture? 1. Design of the building appearance on the basis of the main purposes of the container, if be used to living people, can be used to supplement the color, white and blue like the blue sky white clouds lawn comfortable; If is to make container house, can decorate design, with yellow because yellow represents vitality. 2. House based supplement container houses equipped with various functions need to be equipped with, such as lighting, power plug, bed, wardrobe, exhaust fan, etc. , if necessary, can install a lock high safety coefficient, improve the safety factor of the house. 3. Sealing performance of container housing construction in sealing, sound insulation noise reduction performance is very good insulating the summer, winter insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection. Choose good welding technical and unique waterproof technology, the poor get rid of the general goods waterproof performance.
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