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What is packaging box? What are the characteristics?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-12
What is packaging box? This series of products are divided into two series and folding carton packaging box. Packaging box is based on the structural system of steel frame and light wallboard modular building products. Turn the product by the top frame, chassis, Angle and 14 pieces of interchangeable wallboard, packaging, convenient sea and land transport. Folding carton packing is one of series of products, but also on the basis of the steel structure and light wallboard structure system of the modular building products. By the middle of the room a whole wei yu box, two folding at the top of the frame, the bottom of the two folding frame, four Angle and six removable panels of pre-loaded with Windows and doors. Folding box cannot level combination or stacked vertically, can only be used as a single. As a prefabricated building one of the most complex bathroom unit, it has been installed in the factory, so the scene construction are less, especially suitable for construction stress field application. What is the distinguishing feature of packaging box? A: flexible combination box can be used alone, it can be combined into a big open space, and can be stacked to 3 layers. 2: repeated use, complete supporting facilities with roof, corridor, canopy, stairs and other special box, bathroom kitchen boxes of different shapes can be used to select, and need to look, the interior is in accordance with the requirements of decoration. Three: mobile payment is convenient, save freight cost after pressing, every 4 is equivalent to a standard set of 20 feet container size, save the 3/4 freight; A 40 - foot six sets of cabinet can shipment.
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