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What is prefabricated container house building

by:Lida Group     2022-02-11

The container was originally just a simple means of transportation, but when people found that it could also be used for living, it was out of control. This low-key new building is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also exudes a unique artistic atmosphere. When you pass by, you will be deeply fascinated by it~ Let's follow the company to learn about the history of the prefabricated container house.

At present, container buildings are mostly used in various buildings such as houses, shops, art galleries, etc. As a new modeling tool and structural tool, containers gradually show their unique charm and development potential. The scale of container construction continues to increase, and the difficulty of construction continues to increase, and the performance of the container body in architectural design has also been continuously introduced.

The net space available for the standard size of the container is relatively cramped, the indoor height is low, and the lateral space is narrow and long. Therefore, the adaptive combination design of the box is usually made during the transformation. A variety of buildings, and create an artistic quality that is unique to container buildings.

1: Advantages of containers

Compared with traditional construction methods, it greatly reduces construction and decoration waste, increases the usable area compared with brick-concrete structures, and can resist 10-level hurricanes and 8-level earthquakes. Compared with traditional buildings, it saves 40% of construction time, etc.

Two: the lifespan of the container house

The service life of the container house is as little as 2 years and as long as 30 years. The key depends on the material and maintenance. The service life of the container house is also related to the usual maintenance. If the paint of the container house is found to be peeling off, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent rust and further corrosion of the material. This will extend the useful life.

Three: Waterproofing treatment

1. In the construction of waterproofing membrane, after cleaning the base layer, brush adhesive glue on the reverse side of the membrane and the base layer, paste and roll from far to near according to the elastic reference line , and finally do the seam end-end inspection process. After completion, the water storage test should be done.

2. The coating is waterproof, take 'one cloth and two coats' as an example: after cleaning the base layer, brush the coating once, after drying to form a film, lay a layer of glass fiber cloth matrix reinforcement, and flatten the The surface is covered with a layer of paint to fix it, and after drying, the next roof waterproofing construction is carried out.

3. Laying a rigid waterproof layer should be carried out about two days after the completion of the first flexible waterproof layer, mainly using advanced fatty acid mortar waterproofing agent, cement, sand, fine stone aggregate and fiber as the basic materials , the thickness of the waterproof layer should be 20-30 mm.

4. Glass, aluminum plate, color steel plate, etc. cover the top, which is waterproof and has the effect of ventilation and heat insulation. A steel structure keel is installed on the top, covered with waterproof layers such as aluminum plate, glass, color steel plate, and glued.

Above, choose to use according to customer requirements and budget cost.

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