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What is the advantage of a custom container?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Container custom or container modification, design and, on the basis of the original design personalized container. This way, the container can derive more space, to reengineer the appearance, has distinguishing feature very much. What is the advantage of a custom container? A: transportation convenient container customized transportation is very convenient, is suitable for the units need to be replaced often ShiGongDian. Two: strong practical container is very strong and durable, it is composed of steel, stable and firm, not only its shock is superior. 3: strong ability to resist change container of strong ability to resist change, its sealing is good, have a strict manufacturing processes, guarantee the water tightness of the container quality. Four: remove convenient container disassembly is convenient, its not only light weight, the house for the whole structure, set up a framework, the internal wall of steel, can use wood adornment metope, can not only overall migration, the service life has reached more than 20 years. Five: cheap container custom is very inexpensive, reusable, can use a waste container, save the 1. 7 tons of steel, reduce 3. 49 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 50% of construction time.
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