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What is the application and advantages of product packaging box room

by:Lida Group     2020-06-27
Packaging box room what is the product application and advantages of specializing in the production of packaging box, box housing with flexible combination, durable, easy disassembling, etc. Widely applied in the project room, office, a special conference and exhibition, etc. , the product application and advantages of packaging box room is? Product application

package box room each box adopts the modular design, factory, precast production, in case, for the most basic unit, can be used alone, also can be formed by different combinations of horizontal and vertical direction the spacious space, vertical superposition of up to three layers. Its main structure is made of high quality steel plate custom and standard components, galvanized processing on the surface, anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance is superior, by bolt connection between box to box, simple structure, it has more fire prevention, moistureproof, wind, heat insulation, and the advantages of the flame retardant, installation fast and convenient, has been gradually get the favor of users.

product performance advantages: impermeability and high security, waterproof, fire, wind, anticorrosive, warm, shockproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, circulation use repeatedly. Improve, improve the living environment of comfort and security. Cost advantage: folding design, aluminum frame, stainless steel hinge, strong and durable, repeated use of more than ten thousand times life is very long. Deployment of convenience, long-term, heavy use of customers can greatly reduce the cost.

transportation cost advantages: folding structure, compression loading, is advantageous for the land, sea and air transport, batch transportation cost is greatly reduced.

installation cost advantage: manual/electric /. Folding machine multiple operating way, without the site construction, greatly reduce the manpower and time cost. After folding storage cost advantage: cover an area of an area small, with a minimum of space to store the most house, greatly reduce the storage of car cost. Environmental advantages: folding houses from the production, transportation and installation to storage, without the mounting losses, do not produce any construction waste, do not take up, does not destroy the cultivated land, completely low carbon environmental protection, green production, green. The company's business scope: container house, site fence, iron bed, air conditioning and other rental, sales, lifting. Company's mode of operation: ultra-low rent for one container, the container price for each style - 8000 1. 10000 yuan deposit, the rent by the day, each 3 - every day 8 yuan, refund deducted from the deposit in the box when rent, lease minimum 120 days, less than 120 days calculated at 120 days, with another freight back and forth; Supermarket model to sell container, several dozen container fully priced firm sales in the supermarket. Twenty-foot equivalent specifications: 6 * 3 * 2. 7 ( M. ) 7×3×2. 7 ( M. ) The equivalent units: can be customized according to customer requirements.
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