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What is the charm shipping container and into the house?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-12
Prices only grow, and most people's income and the price is proportional to the hard. Longs prices high, so the sky high, difficult to move on. The container is after the reform to create a Windows live. Container price is at high breakdown, so two storeys high, easy to the second floor. The container has the strength and rigidity. Belong to the large load of the specifications of the container. Its size approximation in construction aspect, specific length is 6 meters, 12 meters, specific height is two point five meters, the width of the concrete for four meters 2 o 'clock. How about shipping container? After open the door, window, internal decoration, sofa, bed, furniture, appliances, etc. After some container, its appearance and architectural room not much difference. In foreign countries, the public for container with recognition and acceptance. The use of packing is very extensive. In container and transformation of the house have what charm? A: complex multiple containers and traditional building materials building, prevent mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp, fire resistant to termites. Empty spirit, has the wind restoring ancient ways is the aesthetic feeling of nostalgia. 2: single van a container 12 meters long, use of renewable building materials industry, travel enthusiasts of single box has a unique love. 3: container flat container apartment is suitable for schools, factories, have a stylish appearance, facilities and safe and convenient. Effectively solve the problem of students and workers housing.
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