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What is the defect using shipping containers?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
Shipping usually adopt the way of container transportation, container are caused by the long past, the years trace. The mark is very obvious. Not just the appearance of the be clear at a glance, but also disadvantages when used. What is the defect using shipping containers? A: insulation and heat preservation: shipping container is a large weather resistance of the steel box, this means that they can absorb and transfer very well cold calorific value, this creates the problem of heat insulation of the room. Although can be handled according to the application of insulating material and paint, but also causes the environmental solutions, such as energy consumption of ACs. And heat insulation will deepen the lower container interior space. In order to improve the indoor space, can be in multiple container structure connecting together on the spot. 2: many reconstruction used shipping containers are very old, close to the life. Used container so rust quickly, because they are give full play to the key role of scratches or dents. The dents and scratches must be appropriate dressing by the contractor. If paint on container again every few years at a time, you can at least 20 years or more for a long time. Three: the application of ecological footprint waste container as a building block is a kind of reasonable comprehensive utilization methods, but the ecological footprint of the building is still bigger than at first sight. In this house can be settled before, the whole container required after sand blasting process, the sealing of the floor must be moved around or all openings must use automatic cutting machine for laser cutting. There are related to transport and assemble the carbon emissions must ensure that the contractors to properly deal with the cause of waste. 4: initial manufacturing good health hazard shipping containers should not be people to settle down, have some bad elements to the body, such as application of chromate on metope, phosphorus and lead-based architectural coatings, some applications of arsenic and chromium to covered container wooden floors to prevent diseases and insect pests. Before building construction in container, it is necessary to ensure your contractors processing on casing was carried out.
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