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What is the difference between a container house and a prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-16

What is the difference between a container house and a prefab house

These two products are widely used all over the country. I believe that most users will have such questions in their minds, what is the difference between living containers and prefab houses?

1. In terms of design, living containers: introducing modern home elements, Taking a single box as a unit, it can be stacked in any combination. The performance of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance and heat insulation is better.

Prefab house: It is installed on site with raw materials such as steel and plate as the unit. The performance of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance and heat insulation is poor, and the installation must be completed. Only to know how the effect is, it is not conducive to people's comparison and selection.

2. In terms of structure, the residential container: the overall structure, welded and fixed, more sturdy and safe, more wind-resistant, more earthquake-resistant, and will not be affected by typhoons, earthquakes, subsidences and other disasters It will fall apart and collapse.

Prefab house: inlaid structure, low resistance, easy to collapse and fall apart in case of weak foundation, typhoon, earthquake, etc., which is not safe enough.

3. Installation Residential container: It can be hoisted by the whole container, no need to do concrete foundation, 15 minutes to install, 1 hour to check in, and it can be used after connecting to the power supply.

Prefab house: It takes a long time to install the concrete foundation, build the main body, install the wall, hang the ceiling, install water and electricity, etc.

4. In terms of decoration, residential container: one-time decoration such as floor, wall, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and windows, exhaust fan, etc., permanent use, energy saving, environmental protection and beautiful.

Prefab house: Walls, ceilings, water and electricity, lighting, doors and windows and other facilities need to be installed on site, which is long in construction period, large in loss, and not beautiful enough.

5. In terms of use Residential container: The design is more user-friendly, and the living and office are more comfortable. The number of rooms can be increased or decreased at any time, which is convenient and flexible.

Prefab house: The sound insulation and fire resistance are poor, and the comfort of residents and offices is average. After installation, it is fixed and formed, and the number of rooms cannot be temporarily increased or decreased.

6. Residential container for relocation: no need to dismantle for relocation, the items in the room can be moved with the box without loss, and it can be hoisted and relocated more than a thousand times, which is convenient and economical money.

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