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What is the difference between a mobile house and a container house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

These two kinds of prefabricated houses have a large number of applications in our modern construction sites or around the city. Some snack streets or temporary buildings mostly use mobile office buildings. There may be a large number of people who have doubts in their hearts. What's the difference between a container house and a container house?

1. Different designs

Container houses have a long history, and modern household elements have been introduced at home and abroad. A single box is used as a unit, which can be combined and stacked arbitrarily, sealed and separated. Sound, fire, moisture, heat preservation and other aspects of the performance is better. The prefab house is based on steel, board and other raw materials for on-site installation, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance, thermal insulation, thermal insulation and other properties. .

2. Structural aspects

The welding of the overall structure of the container house is more firm and safe, with strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance, and will not be affected by typhoons, earthquakes, land subsidence and other disasters. Scattered collapse. However, the mobile house is an inlaid structure with low resistance. In case of weak foundation, typhoon, earthquake, etc., accidents are prone to occur, and the safety factor is relatively low.

3. Installation

The container can be hoisted by the whole container, no need to do concrete foundation, 15 minutes to install, 1 hour to check in, and street power supply can be used. The installation of the mobile house requires concrete foundation, construction of the main body, installation of walls, ceilings, installation of water and electricity, etc. The time required is slightly longer than that of the container house.

4. Decoration aspects

The decoration of the container house can be the same as ordinary ones, whether it is walls, floors, roofs, water and electricity, doors and windows, exhaust fans, etc., all can be decorated in place at one time, That is energy saving and environmental protection. The wall and ceiling, water and electricity, lighting, doors and windows and other facilities of the prefab need to be installed on site. The construction period is long, the loss is large, and the appearance is smaller than that of the live box.

5. Use

The design of the container house is more user-friendly, and the living and office should be more comfortable. The number of rooms can be increased or decreased at any time, which is not only convenient but also flexible. The prefab house has poor sound insulation and fire resistance, and the comfort of residents and offices is common. After installation, the number of rooms after fixed molding cannot be temporarily increased or decreased.

6. Moving aspect

It doesn't need to be dismantled after use, the items in the room can be moved together with the box, there is no wear and tear, it can be hoisted, and how many times can it be moved, which is convenient and convenient. cut costs. The relocation of mobile homes requires dismantling and re-installation, and the project needs to be packaged, and the cost of each dismantling material is still high, which requires time and effort. After four or five times of disassembly and assembly, it will basically be cut off.

The above points are the differences between prefabricated houses and container houses. When choosing, we should consider carefully. If you have any professional problems or needs to be solved by our professional manufacturers, you are welcome to consult.

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