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What is the difference between a prefab house and a light steel structure house?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-20

Some friends are not very familiar with steel structure buildings, so they have questions, prefab houses and steel structure houses are both built of steel, what is the difference? In fact, there are really many differences between the two, specifically the following four differences: 1. Material difference: the prefab house is mainly made of color steel plate, which is simple and practical, suitable for temporary construction on site and can be recycled; light steel structure house The light steel keel is used as the material, with light weight, thin wall, space saving, energy saving and environmental protection, and is suitable for living. 2. Structural difference: The structure of the prefab house is made of color steel plate for the outer wall; the light steel structure house is welded with a steel frame as the main frame, and the outer wall is built with various building materials. 3. Frame difference: The frame of the prefab house is mainly made of I-shaped steel, and the building form is relatively simple; the frame of the light steel structure house has H-shaped steel, C-shaped steel, etc., and is tied with sandalwood, which is suitable for workshops, residences, Exhibition halls and other buildings. 4. Price difference: Due to the different functions and construction forms, the cost of light steel structure houses is generally higher than that of prefab houses.

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