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What is the difference between container houses and traditional commercial housing?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-17
Container house use involves the field of diversification, not only can live, also can be used as commercial housing. What is the difference between container houses and traditional commercial housing? A: container house prices after decorating, the area of about 13 square meters, are the prices on the market price will not exceed 1000 yuan per square metre. Such a calculation, a container house price will not exceed 20000 yuan. However, areas of different container house price also change. Traditional city residential property prices, is ten thousand yuan per square unit, a square ten thousand, 13 square is one hundred and thirty thousand yuan. Both the price of an apparent contrast have far. 2: location although container house in the suburbs, the geographical location of such a desolate. But the container houses have liquidity, there is nothing difficult in the city centre. Can change location at any time. And traditional commercial housing, it is according to their own intend to choose in the heart of the city and suburbs. However, buy after, want to change it is difficult. Structure and hardness of the three: safe container houses belong to high security, but because of the large container house in a remote location, living dispersion, from this perspective, the safety of the container house index is low. Commercial housing built in the village, a village more than hundreds of households residents, content canal patrol is rigorous, high safety coefficient. Four: the appearance of the appearance of container house very individualize, according to be fond of any coating, personalized alternative is dye-in-the-wood. And the appearance of the commodity house is designed by the developer, and cannot be changed.
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