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What is the difference between container trailer and prefabricated housing

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
with prefabricated houses what is the difference between

today live one container of small make up for you from the following analysis for everyone. Prefabricated houses and container houses belong to the container house, a lot of people want to know where is the difference? Who better

is not the same as the installation process. Installation of container trailer is welding good chassis first, again good welding the entire building framework, and then welding the walls and ceiling; Follow laid floor, Windows hydropower installation, etc. Prefabricated housing construction process, it is to build a good foundation, General is a reinforced concrete foundation) ; Do after prefabricated housing main body frame, on the first pillar, reoccupy connecting frame transverse beam, clapboard, cladding and door window frame; Follow flooring, installed on a layer of up, and then on the roof and the roof board; Finally install doors and Windows, etc. , the vertical support. in the installation process more simple, a unified entirety; Prefabricated houses robustness is better.

link way is different. Container house the whole frame is steel welded together, is very strong, not apart, than the prefabricated houses more wind resistance and earthquake. And day flower wall is fixed on the container trailer frame welding, this structure is not easy to fall apart, flake wallboard will not leak.

is not the same as decorative aspects: container trailer choose ceramic tile of laid of floor, wall, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and Windows, exhaust fan and so on the disposable decorated, permanent use, energy conservation, environmental protection and beautiful; And prefabricated housing wall, ceiling, lighting, water pipe, circuit, such as doors and Windows equipment needs field device, long construction period, large loss, also not beautiful.

different using ways: container house depict more humanized, live and work more comfortable, can add or cut the room number, convenient sensitive. And prefabricated houses sound insulation, fire prevention function is poorer, live, work comfort, usually device fixed after forming, can no longer be a temporary increase or decrease in the room number.

is not the same as moving aspects: container trailer moving without discrete, the room items can be mobile, together with the box lossless, lifting, moving more than one thousand times, and convenient and save money; Move and prefabricated housing demand discrete device again, items have to recollect secure, and each time the mounting data loss is big, high cost, also time-consuming, dismantling basically discarded after four or five times.

trailer is a kind of light steel as skeleton, sandwich board, for retaining materials, space combination of a series of standard module, component by bolt connection, a new concept of green building economical activities. With deft, installed, the advantages of low cost are adored by many users, the current mainstream mobile divided into container trailer and prefabricated houses, so what's the difference between them, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

it can be seen that the advantage of container house on the wind resistance, seismic are removable houses do not have, in fact, especially in guangdong, very frequent typhoon day, does not have the wind resistance of prefabricated houses in the typhoon days almost is fragile, so only container trailer for guangdong.

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