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What is the difference between prefabricated housing and light steel structure housing?

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
Have friends to steel structure building is not very familiar with, so there will be questions, prefabricated houses and steel structure building are steel structures, what's the difference? Actually really have a lot of difference, between the concrete has the following four differences: 1. Material: prefabricated housing material is given priority to with choi steel, simple and practical, suitable for site temporary building, recycled; Light steel structure building with light steel keel, light weight, thin wall, save a space, energy conservation, environmental protection, suitable for living. 2. Structure: the structure of the prefabricated houses is to establish the external wall is made of color steel plate; Light steel structure housing is predominantly steel frame welded together, the exterior used in a variety of building materials to build and become. 3. Frame difference: prefabricated housing mainly h steel framework, the framework of architectural form is unitary; Light steel structure housing such as h-beam, C payments, the framework of article and wingceltis Rachel, applicable to factories, residential, exhibition hall and other buildings. 4. Price difference: on the basis of different use function and building form, therefore, the general case of light steel structure housing cost is higher than cost of prefabricated houses.
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