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What is the distinguishing feature of container aspects

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
Container what is the distinguishing feature of various aspects

what is the distinguishing feature of container aspects

here is to share with you about the container in all aspects of the advantage, please see the following related.

a: decoration aspect

container place choose porcelain is laid, walls, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and Windows, exhaust fan, etc are all one-time decoration, permanent use, not only the energy conservation and environmental protection is also beautiful.

2: planning

container house is the overall planning, welding of fixed, more stable safe, wind resistance and earthquake, when met some disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, subsidence also won't fall apart, fall down.

three: equipment

container is can be lifting the whole case, at the same time, it is not need to do concrete foundation, 15 minutes to install, check in one hour, turn on the juice can be very good.

4: in terms of use

container more humanized and live house, office is more comfortable, can increase or decrease in the number of room, very flexible.

5: move in

it is not need to be discrete container move, items can be in the room with a box for mobile, no loss, can undertake lifting, move more than one thousand times, not only convenient but also can save money.

6: design

live into the container of the introduction of modern furniture design element, through a single box as a unit, free combination stacking, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof, heat insulation performance is better.

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