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What is the distinguishing feature of site use prefabricated housing? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
The site often have the form of prefabricated houses, its required items as workers' basic living. is a special material, the framework of this material have resistance to heat and partition function of heat conduction and so on, fill wall thermal insulation material, shell is insulation board, heat preservation effect is relatively belongs to the good state. What is the distinguishing feature of using prefabricated housing? 1, the coverage of caigang prefabricated housing application category of special wide, renovation of buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings can be carry out application, in the process of application or application don't need before the walls of buildings is multifarious pretreatment, caigang the installed is not susceptible to the effects of temperature, special simple and convenient to install, and in special short construction cycle time above. 2, very light colored houses the net weight of special light, is only one of the other types of adiabatic approach, can reduce the structural weight, the sole limited in special convenient transport level. Caigang prefabricated houses to save resources and special environmental protection, to choose is central Asia metal ornamental engraving adiabatic choi steel walls of buildings, can significantly improve the heat insulation effect of metope. With no application of east Asia ornamental engraving metal materials thermal insulation materials engineering construction to reduce the energy consumption by around 45%. Dramatically reduced in the summer the sun radiation source wall heat transmitted to the room, and then let the radiator, central air conditioning energy consumption reduced, and safeguard the main body structure, increase in the level must be in the life of the building. 3, good decorative arts caigang prefabricated housing decoration design effect can do it with aluminum alloy plate, wall hanging stone these exterior wall decoration, central Asia metal ornamental engraving adiabatic caigang watts is this special new building decoration materials, particularly strong ductility, the adornment design of the surface layer surface with the provisions of the customer production and processing into a variety of color, and more than aluminum plastic board and even more upscale building decoration materials.
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