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What is the manufacturing flow of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-16
What is the container trailer manufacturing flow

at present, the container trailer is very popular with people, a lot of people want to know, what are its manufacturing process, small make up today to solve the problem for you.

a, container trailer building with light steel structure system, the wall is covered with EPS thermal insulation composite wall panel. All wall panels and parts folding package, and simple installation, suitable for a large number of transport in long distance and exports by sea. Second, roofing, ground, circuit factory, make the installation is convenient, fast, shorten the time interval from building houses to use. Three made houses, steel structure system has excellent resistance to 120 km/h wind speed; Lightweight structure in the house when the earthquake disaster is stronger than the seismic fortification intensity of 8, showing good integrity. Four, housing overall transportation, but also can be compressed package transportation five, live based production quantity is small, can be used after transported to the scene. Six, container house which can be recycled, lasts for 20 years, in use process does not produce any construction waste. Adopting the structure, roof waterproof design, strengthen the building of airtight, watertight. Eight, container trailer factory, can according to the actual application, choose add rain loose, such as decorative accessories. in the manufacturing process is first introduced to here, hope the above content can bring you help.
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