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What is the need to pay attention to in the container modification process?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
In some desolate land, or sparsely populated mountain. It is hard to see tall buildings, but the container house is rare. Because the container house in these places has a price advantage, and save time and effort. But many people in the shipping container, often appear some problems. In fact, generally need to pay attention to three aspects in the process of shipping container. A: protective measures container materials affected by the physical properties of its metal structure, thermal conductivity, heat preservation performance is poor, make indoor thermal environment is not stable. Also provides thermal insulation layer are needed to effectively control and internal environment. In the southern region, shading treatment must be conducted to make its insulation, can save energy costs. In addition, the container is easy to rust, must be painted anticorrosive paint, both inside and outside the container to prevent rust. 2: after the window if the container is as a business function, when as a narrow unit, if it is too close. Rather self-defeating, therefore transparency is the key to attract the customers. Container is equipped with a large, transparent glass, to eliminate the container the appearance of the original ugliness and drab. At the same time, it can provide the original narrow dark and closed space good lighting, make internal and external has a good line of sight, as the coffee shop and dessert shop very well. Note that the composite insulation coating can live at the top of the block to direct sunlight, reduce indoor temperature and heat accumulation. 3: design of interior design is best not to see from the inside out of the shadows of the container, indoor and outdoor is different, because only have a subtle contrast shows that recycling. Can use mechanism of corrugated container, highlight the contrast of indoor and outdoor, indoor should be decorated bright bright colors, light can be bright and dark, can have a bright night view is very good, can match the dark little space to highlight the mood and taste. Container design accord with human body engineering requirements.
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