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What is the production standard of living people container room?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
What is the production standard of living people container room?

export in recent years more and more people live abroad container, and the quality has been in constant progress, research and development of waterproof, antisepsis, heat preservation performance is more comprehensive, and in the face of natural disasters and carry out the earthquake building materials research and development is in full swing, with the development of the overall weight is becoming more and more light, the inside of the light steel frame structure in recent years the development of more durable, generally such people live abroad container can be used for 20 years. In the population is too dense, and urban housing land development too frequently, can be this kind of people live abroad container delimit land within the development of residential construction, the prospect of the green building must be a wonderful.

one container production standard, in one container is a portable, removable temporary buildings, housing has a large number of used in the construction site, temporary stores, temporary housing, etc. With the progress of the urban construction, housing construction is accelerated, container use more and more prominent. People live container brought the Gospel to the workers on the construction site, can quickly into the trailer temporary dorm, have a home. Along with the progress of the trailer, the live person container constantly improve the quality of product, construction site temporary housing had the very big improvement.

have to say, under such a price, the container price ratio is very high, of course, he also has shortcomings, one of the most obvious is the problem of land use, and this is what makes house have not is really walk into our life, but believe that with the development of the later, the container will break through this obstacle, mainstream housing.

in container before the advent of living people, live one container products a series of problems caused by congenital deficiency, such as sound insulation is not good, poor poor poor heat insulation, thermal insulation, fire prevention and so on question has failed to get very good solve. Live one container compared with general trailer, advantage obviously, sound insulation effect is good, good fireproof performance, durable, wind the earthquake. And accompanied by live container is mobile home interior configuration increased significantly, the presence of the air conditioning to ensure a comfortable indoor conditions, fire insulation materials to ensure the safety.

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