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What is the safety hazard inferior container room?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-27
As house prices high, income is weak, not both. Container room used more frequently, a lot of people will use container house way of living. Container houses the most prominent advantage is environmental protection, convenient, but it is on the high quality for the container. Inferior container is there safe hidden trouble. Mainly divided into the following aspects: 1: box body strength inferior container body strength could not reach the requirements of plate steel structure, the general is the use of cheap inferior materials, the inferior materials is easy to make the danger of deformation and fracture. 2: inferior container welding welding technology can not meet the standard, in the process of transportation, distance of turbulence is easy to cause the container house, severity fault. Three: paint inferior container is the ordinary paint, paint used is not container paint, such ordinary paint, not only easy to fall off, also can cause the casing corrosion and rust. Four: environmentally friendly flame retardant inferior container, within the insulation material is not up to the standard of the environmentally friendly flame retardant. Is there safe hidden trouble for later use, not only easy to cause fires burning, its material distributing flavour is also harmful to human body. Five: circuit inferior container with wires is inferior materials, are not up to the standard of the circuit, prone to aging short circuit, fire broke out in the end.
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