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What key points need to pay attention to when prefabricated houses in the installation? - Prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-14
In recent years, prefabricated houses as a temporary home is very popular, especially in the construction industry, most of the construction industry to see the existence of the prefabricated houses, the prefabricated houses in what key points need to pay attention to when installation? A, the supporting plate (prefabricated houses Roof panels and wall) Should be no obvious deformation and damage; Fixed bolt, waterproof gasket, metal gasket and nylon sleeve should be complete, connection should be reliable; Sealant should be complete and effective. Second, the prefabricated houses panel should be smooth installation, eaves straight, plate lap in the right direction. Three, connected to the wall plate installation should be correct, surface smooth, buries the wall of the installation should be smooth, fluctuation is slotted connection for the lap joint, the lateral plate lap down, lap length not less than 15 mm. Four, the circuit application of prefabricated houses PVC tube ( Slot) Exposure, wiring should be neat and beautiful. Electrical equipment should comply with the design requirements; The line shall be no insulation aging and use for a long time. Five, fire resistance, fire protection distance must comply with the provisions of the design and specifications, and fire channel must be smooth; Configuration of fire hydrants, and fire extinguisher shall conform to the design requirements and layout is reasonable; The fire place such as the kitchen fire and heat insulation measures should be effective; The metal surface of sandwich board shall not be less than 32 oxygen index, such as floor of flammable material must be fire. Six, lightning protection, lightning protection grounding must conform to the requirements of the design specification, grounding resistance is qualified. Seven, anticorrosion, steel members should wear full, no rust, exposed bolt protective right; Corrosion protection measures under corrosive environment meet the design requirements; Should be in mobile indoor drainage unobstructed, under the condition of no water, no sundries. If you want to learn more on prefabricated house information, welcome to our website to understand: http://www.
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