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What kind of heat preservation container are there

by:Lida Group     2020-07-21
What are the thermal container types of

thermal container refers to a kind of all the walls with low thermal conductivity of insulation materials, used to transport of goods need to be refrigerated and preservation of the container. Inside the suitcase is thermal insulation, roof box can adjust Angle into the outlet, the outside air and the wind has always been available to adjust the temperature in the cabinet, can be in a certain period of time when closed is not affected by the outside air temperature. Suitable for shipment is sensitive to temperature and humidity of the goods.

thermal container usually has the following kinds: (1) reefer container ( 冷藏容器) 。

this is used to transport frozen goods, mainly is the frozen food, such as frozen fish, meat, shrimp, etc. ; Low temperature fruits, vegetables, cheese and other goods; Film, certain drugs, such as the goods need to keep a certain temperature, the temperature of the heat preservation container can keep. The use of this container need to inspection before packing refrigerating installation, the ship must have the power plug, can make the refrigerated container refrigeration equipment normal operation.

2. Insulated container ( Insulatal生产容器) 。 This is a kind of to prevent the rise of temperature in the cabinet, to keep the goods, it is mainly used for carrying fruits, vegetables, such as the container of the goods. Usually used for ice refrigeration, hold time is about 72 h. (3) ventilated container ( 通风集装箱) 。 This is a kind of for the shipment does not need to be frozen, and has the respiration of fruit, vegetables, such as goods and hide out SAP goods in transit, will cause the wet goods, etc. , and in the end walls have vents open container. This container with equipped with vent reefer container usually substitute.
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