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What points should be paid attention to when installing the prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

In recent years, prefabricated houses have become very popular as temporary residences, especially in the construction industry. Most of the construction industries can see the existence of prefabricated houses. What points should be paid attention to when installing prefabricated houses?

1. The supporting panels (roof panels and wall panels) of the prefab house should be free from obvious deformation and damage; the fixing bolts, waterproof gaskets, metal gaskets and nylon sleeves should be complete, and the connection should be reliable; The glue should be intact and effective.

Second, the panels of the prefab house should be installed smoothly, the cornices should be straight, and the direction of the board overlap should be correct and consistent.

3. The installation of the connecting wall panels should be correct, the surface should be flat, the installation of the pre-embedded wall panels should be smooth, the upper and lower lap joints should be slot joints, the outer panels should be lapped downward, and the lap length should not be less than 15mm.

Fourth, the circuit of the prefab house should be exposed to PVC pipes (slots), and the wiring should be neat and beautiful; the electrical equipment should meet the design requirements; the circuit should be free of insulation aging and long-term use.

V. Fire resistance: The fire distance must meet the requirements of design and specifications, and the fire passage must also be smooth; the configuration of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers must meet the design requirements and the layout must be reasonable; The thermal insulation measures must be effective; the oxygen index of the metal surface sandwich panel shall not be less than 32, and the flammable materials such as wooden floor shall be fireproof.

Six, lightning protection: lightning protection grounding must meet the requirements of design specifications, and the grounding resistance is qualified.

Seven, anti-corrosion: steel components should be completely coated, free of rust, and exposed bolts should be properly protected; the strong corrosive environment under anti-corrosion measures should meet the design requirements; the mobile room should be well drained, free of water, and free of debris in the case of.

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