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What preparations should be made for the construction of the movable fence?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-18

In order to implement closed construction, many projects will choose to use movable fences during the construction process. The movable fence is a kind of simple fence of movable board house type. By setting up the color steel fence, the theft of construction site materials and equipment can be prevented. So do you know what preparations should be done for the construction of the movable fence?

The following preparations should be done for the construction of the movable fence:

1. The relevant technologies should be carefully organized before construction.

2. Check the situation of three connections and one leveling in the movable wall field, ensure the smooth flow of domestic water and sewage discharge on the site, and the site for stacking plates and components should be 10CM higher than the road surface to prevent water accumulation.

3. According to the actual construction needs of the movable fence project, the site needs to be connected to 380V or 220V power supply, calculate the required enough power lines, and do a good job of grounding the distribution box. Strictly follow the construction temporary electricity consumption standards in the specification to ensure construction safety and normal power supply.

4. Develop the travel route of the delivery vehicle and the stacking site and stacking position of the materials after they enter the site to ensure that the road is unobstructed, whichever does not affect the construction.

5. Measure and review the plane size and level of the civil foundation to ensure the smooth construction of the movable fence.

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