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What quality standards should the prefab house construction meet?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-21

Prefab house is an economical and practical environment-friendly building. It is most widely used in construction sites, and is often used as temporary housing such as workers' dormitories, offices, and warehouses. At present, my country's quality and technical standards are mainly based on local standards and enterprise standards. There are no relevant industry standards and national standards. What kind of quality standards should the construction of prefabricated houses meet? Today, the manufacturer of prefabricated houses will take you to find out.

First, in accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, the enterprise standards will be filed to ensure that the quality and safety of the prefab houses built meet the standards; The prefab house must meet the relevant requirements of strength and stability, ensure structural safety, and have the ability to resist strong typhoons, heavy rain and snow and lightning strikes. At the same time, it needs to meet the requirements of civilized sanitation, fire protection, environmental protection and use functions;

Third, as a prefab house for work and life, in principle, only a single floor is allowed, and the length cannot exceed 30 meters, that is, 8 rooms, each dormitory can accommodate no more than 8 people. The prefabricated house should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment that meets the requirements;

Fourth, if a double-storey prefabricated house needs to be built for special reasons, it must meet the building structural load specifications, and the length cannot exceed 22 meters, that is, 6 rooms. At the same time, according to the actual situation, the pre-embedded bottom corner bolts and other connection wall columns are used, and the prefabricated house is fixed as a whole with steel pipes, and the prefabricated house is reinforced. A plan must be formulated to build a double-storey prefab house. After the plan is approved by the technical director of the utility unit and the installation unit, it will be reported to the local building safety supervision station for the record. It is strictly prohibited to build a double-storey prefabricated house in the wilderness areas.

The above is that the prefabricated house should meet the relevant quality standards in construction. In order to ensure the safety and service life of the prefabricated house, it is necessary to fully understand the relevant specifications before construction and implement it as required.

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