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What's the advantage of using container transportation way?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24
Container is very long, the history of that container the role evolution increasingly diversified. Not only can transport can also be used to live. And throughout its development, the mode of transportation of container is very beneficial to economic development. What's the advantage of using container transportation way? This article from the aspects of economic benefit analysis of container transport. A: simple packaging, bulk cut packaging costs in order to avoid goods damaged during shipping, must have a solid outer packing, and shipping containers have the characteristics of stability, sealing, itself is a kind of very good packaging. Using shipping containers to simplify the outer packing, and some even don't have to be the outer packing, finished product without the packaging, can greatly save the packaging cost. 2: s cargo damage reduction, improving the quality of freight logistics, because the container is a solid sealing shell shipping container itself is also a solid outer packing. After goods loading and seal, midway don't unpacking load, a single to the end, even after short-distance transport or change for many times, it is not easy to damaged goods contained in the cabinet. Shipping container transport can reduce theft, moisture, such as breakage and damage caused by the goods, is very popular with the delivery and the shipping company, and because of cargo damage rate reduce, reduce the waste of social wealth, also has a lot of social and economic benefits. Three: reduce operational costs, reduce logistics cost because most of the unloading of containers not affected by extreme climate, boating time shorten non-productive anchor, and because of unloading speed is quick, unloading time, for example, in the case of the shipping company, can increase the rate of sailing, reduce watercrafts logistics cost, to the port can improve berth, according to ability raise freight volume, increase production.
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