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What's the advantage - three minutes to introduce container hotel Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-16
The past few years, container transportation building coverage increased, it is enough: strong, durable, cost-effective, environmental protection, Compared with traditional raw materials) And allows for modular. Containers are designed in 2006. Since the container is used to build flash hotels, shopping plaza, and some artistic creative home inn and housing. Prefabricated houses is the container hotel first name, the application of prefabricated houses is very common, but more to the construction and control box border post. Shared sleep positions, it is the cognitive redesign of prefabricated houses, container type sleep warehouse, container, of course, the hotel also has the advantage of the prefabricated houses. Container hotel have what advantage? A: coordination of container hotel for regional environmental regulations is not so big, if have water, electricity, can solve. 2: moisture resistance for container hotel, seamless splicing docking technology, plus extreme of the air conditioning unit and ventilation, water supply and drainage system software, system software on the moisture is can't more than any general engineering architecture. Three: warmth may be in the fall, heat container hotel will defeat to general engineering and construction, but warm in the cold which container hotel accounts for absolute advantage. Four: convenient installation as long as the overall land use planning good container hotel, basic on the land, the remaining part of the container manufacturing enterprises, both sides can be carried out at the same time, the installation is also very convenient. Five: strong ductility in the standard of architectural modeling industry, container hotel has his natural advantages.
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