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What's the feature of container living man?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Speaking of living containers, most people the impression that not only safe and convenient. The most important of all, want to move, can at any time. Along with the development of the live one container, in a sense, can say it is an effective way to solve the housing problems of low-income groups. Transverse view of economic condition and the proportion of housing prices, there are some people who are direct ratio, some people are inverse proportion. And as long as live one container after the reform, will become warm house. What's the feature of container living man? A: active, the container has the features of active her can realize mobile behavior, as well as the secondary use, reduce the cost of spending. 2: rapidly to form a living person container belong to rapid forming, the manufacturing time and avoid the foundation. 3: security, container security perfect her steel bone structure has the characteristics of wind shock. Four: the outer wall of the durability of the steel plate, resistance to corrosion and acid not only, also will not rust will not crack. To ensure the durability, its service life in ten years or more. Five: noise insulation in one container with the empty broken thermal design, have the effect of noise insulation, guarantee the quality of the living conditions. Six: beautiful sex lives container have all sorts of modelling design, its outer wall design and color is much, very beautiful.
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