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What should be paid attention to during the installation process of the engineering fence?

by:Lida Group     2022-11-22

The engineering fence is a kind of security enforcement force for traffic. Therefore, the installation of engineering fence is a very important link. Only when this link is guaranteed can the quality of the later project fence be effectively implemented. What should be paid attention to during the installation process of the project fence?

1. Install the template:

Supervised by the technical department of the project department. Security personnel should examine security risks. The company's safety department conducts irregular inspections and immediately corrects problems in formwork construction to ensure construction safety.

Two: formwork support

Formwork and its supports must be equipped with effective anti-rotation temporary fixing facilities during installation. The technical department of the project department should implement it according to the specific situation.

Three: Install the engineering fence

When installing the engineered fence, the upper and lower sides should be carried by someone. Throwing is strictly prohibited. Models should not be placed on door and window frames, nor should scaffolding be placed on models. Molds, typhoon frames and scaffolding are strictly prohibited. Operating platform integration.

Four: template vertical

When the model is lifted vertically, it must be placed neatly when special personnel are required to unify the signal, fit closely, and lift the bulk formwork during the lifting process. Once it is bound securely, it can be removed. When there are five or more winds, stop everything. improve work.

Five: Assembly height

When assembling a vertical model with a height of 2M or higher, it is prohibited to assemble on a lower model. In the process of installing the upper formwork, the security personnel of the project department set up enough temporary fixed designs for the actual situation, stop in the middle, and the formwork should be in place.

Security fixes.

Six: Engineering fence construction

Pay attention to the construction of the engineering fence. The bottom and upper walls are wrong. The bottom of the foundation brick is correct. Both sides of the base are equal. Check that the axis and edges are correct before returning to the wall. If the part is calibrated, it is not allowed to retract or exit the edge above the vapor barrier.

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