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What should be paid attention to in the installation of the prefab house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-26

What should be paid attention to in the installation of prefab house?

1. Before building a prefabricated house, check whether the materials you have prepared are sufficient, and then let the workers who build the prefabricated house learn about fire protection, because the construction The materials of the prefab house are some materials with poor fire resistance, so special attention must be paid to fire prevention during the construction process, otherwise it is very easy to cause fire, so the construction workers must understand the knowledge of fire prevention or they are not allowed to start construction. of.

2. After the prefab house is built, many prefab houses need to be connected to electricity in the prefab house, and then the prefab house after the electricity is connected. Be sure to check whether the wires are handled properly. Otherwise, the wires are very likely to have some leakage when they are in use. I just said that the materials of the prefab house are very prone to problems, so these wires and the like It has to be handled properly, otherwise accidents may occur.

For the construction of prefabricated houses, we must pay attention to the details, master the skills of construction, and pay attention to the principle of safety first, so that the prefabricated houses built are suitable .

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