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What should I do once I receive steel frame buildings imperfections?
Lida Group will work with you to make it right! If you receive a defective, incorrect or incomplete steel frame buildings , please call our customer service team as soon as possible. Typically, if damaged or defective parts and products are covered by our warranty, we will arrange for a replacement or repair of your item, and we’ll take care of any shipping or postage costs you may incur. Make sure you follow the stated returns policy and we will provide notice of the problem by e-mail and then follow up with letters via fax or regular mail.

Lida Group is a top manufacturer who's particularly good at producing Lida Group. The poultry farm house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product can effectively purify water. RO membranes can effectively remove the majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates, etc in the raw water. This product has low demands for the subgrade. As an experienced manufacturer, our company has always been committed to improving quality of container house. This product is known fr its strong seismic resistance.

we shares a great dream of being a worldwide steel structure building manufacturer and wholesaler. Welcome to visit our factory!
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