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When buying container houses should choose what kind of material

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
What kind of material should choose when buying container house

container houses in the process of transportation is always affected by force majeure, the sun and the destruction of the human factor requirements of non-standard containers must have the material of the structure of strong enough and strong enough, there are many stores are mrs. vidian container building a good reputation? First must carry or material, check out these container which is the main material of series is the best.

a, steel

all steel non-standard container framework and partition board layer of all is to use steel materials, the whole body is relatively higher intensity, stable structure, good sealing, and is not easy to damage, relatively strong, durable, price is low, economical and practical, the container house is suitable for ordinary merchants general goods transportation, the disadvantage is that poor corrosion resistance.

2, aluminum

some non-standard container USES a steel aluminum plate, or is completely using aluminum, quality is relatively light, will not rust damage, material tenacity, flexibility is good, not easy to change form, this kind of container house disadvantage is that the cost is relatively expensive, and easily damaged due to collision.

3, stainless steel

made of stainless steel non-standard container general appearance for the tank, excellent corrosion resistance determines its chance of rust is not high, high strength, solid, have qualitative feeling, this kind of container housing investment is larger, suitable for carrying more precision precious cargo.

4, FRP

FRP non-standard containers are usually installed on the framework of steel on the glass plate, a heat insulation, corrosion resistance and resistance to the effects, by the impact of the strong is not in evidence, is not easy to cause fouling, relatively easy clean, simple structure, fix up more handy, volume is larger, the container house is suitable for used to transport large items, the disadvantage is that body weight, the cost is high.

remind everybody, first of all, according to their own needs to choose the types of goods and transportation of the container material, can obtain cost-effective transport experience at low cost, the material of non-standard containers will determine the application of the type, only the right choice for more convenience and benefits.

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