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When the construction of prefabricated houses must abide by the code for fire protection

by:Lida Group     2020-10-29
We now use prefabricated houses a lot, because of the prefabricated houses is, indeed, there are a lot of scope, then we did at the time of use and construction of prefabricated houses what the problem is that we should be aware of, let tube under the guangzhou prefabricated houses and everyone simply say we are all in the construction of the prefabricated houses is important to note that what is the problem. 1, before we design of prefabricated houses must carefully understand the 'code for fire protection design of buildings, because of the prefabricated houses building material problem so the fire retardancy of prefabricated houses is very poor, so we when applied to the design of prefabricated houses, we need to do some comprehensive measures, so as not to really what problems can be timely treatment. 2, and we all know that prefabricated houses can be used as a lot of things, but because of prefabricated house itself some reason, we are strictly prohibited in prefabricated houses using some high power machines, and must not make prefabricated houses kitchen or distribution to use, it's better we don't use some inflammable and explosive products within prefabricated houses. The above is what we in the use of prefabricated houses must not make some mistakes.
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