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When the container trailer in the living should pay attention to three things

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
in the three issues should be paid attention to when living

with the universal application of container trailer, the more to more people use container house as a temporary home. Not only save resources, but also a great way to save time, installation is convenient, the living, comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer, so container house in the problems which should be paid attention to when living?

a, 【 Pay attention to fire prevention 】 The walls of the house: if your container is using polystyrene sandwich board, then pay attention to the fire. Precautions: 1, please don't close to the wall welding construction; 2, winter heating stove should be equipped with fire protection device; 3, indoor cable should be used when the metal pipe, should be reliable grounding or using refractory tube. Also need through the wall also should add casing protection; 4, need make waterproof processing container houses, it is strictly prohibited in the building materials using a blowtorch;

5, open field roof tile iron is less than 0. 6 mm, container houses should install the lightning rod.

2, 【 Pay attention to wind 】 : if your container building materials is caigang shack, so will pay attention to the wind, caigang houses due to its light weight, simple structure, weak ability to resist wind, so it depends on the customer's eyes, not to buy expensive, choose right, and no ability to resist the wind of the houses to have installed the customer can be the direction of the length along the houses on the roof above the front and back wall with drlling silk fixed Angle to remedy them.

3,' Pay attention to check 】 : container houses before construction, attention should be paid to purlin models don't too small, it will increase the difficulty of construction, will also reduce resistance strength of container house. After the container housing construction fulfilled the connection of each part to reinforce, avoid unnecessary trouble.
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