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Where is Lida Group factory located?
Located in a very convenient place, Lida Group factory is easy to reach. Our well-chosen location makes the delivery of chicken house more convenient, saving a lot of time for both parties. Covering a large area in such a convenient location guarantees the bulk production while ensuring the quality.

A strong foundation in prefab houses field has been laid in Lida Group. The glass green house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The raw materials of Lida Group steel container houses is superior and thus it comes out with high quality. This product is highly adaptable to dynamic loads. The product can effectively purify water. RO membranes can effectively remove the majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates, etc in the raw water. It is strong enough and can stand up to 100/km per hour strong wind.

our company fantasies to precede over several firms in prefabricated house industry. Get info!
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