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Where is the difference between - trailer and container room Mobile home

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10
These two kinds of trailer around our modernization construction sites or city has a large number of applications, some snack street or temporary use of the most mobile office buildings, there may be a lot of people have doubt in my mind, the difference of trailer and container room? 1. Container room has a long history, different design elements, both at home and abroad are introduced modern household with a single body as a unit, can be any combination and superposition, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof, heat preservation performance is good. The trailer is based on the raw material such as steel, plate, on-site installation, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, such as poor performance, must know how effective until after installation, it is bad for people's comparison and choice. 2. Welding structure of the whole structure of container house is more solid, safe, and strong ability to resist wind and earthquake resistant capability is strong, such as typhoon, earthquake, land subsidence disaster will not disperse collapsed. But the trailer is Mosaic structure, small resistance, foundation is weak, typhoon, earthquake, etc. , are prone to accidents, safety coefficient is relatively low. 3. Container can be full container hoisting installation, no need to do concrete foundation, installation of 15 minutes, 1 hour, can use street power supply. Mobile installation of concrete foundation is needed to build the main body, install the walls, ceiling, installation of water and electricity, etc. , slightly longer than the time needed for container house. 4. Decorative aspects of container room decoration can be like ordinary, whether it is walls, floor, roof, water and electricity, doors and Windows, exhaust fan, etc. , can be a decoration in place, namely, energy conservation and environmental protection. The walls and ceiling of the trailer, water and electricity, lighting, doors and Windows and other facilities require installation, long construction period, the loss is big, beautiful than living box. 5. Use container housing design more human, life and office should be more comfortable, can at any time increase or decrease the number of rooms, not only convenient and flexible. Mobile sound insulation and fire prevention performance is bad, the comfort level of the residents and office generally. After installation, fixed after molding room number cannot increase or decrease for the time being. 6. Don't need to tear down after use mobile aspect, the items in the room can move with the box, no wear and tear, can lift, how many times can be moved, convenient and cost savings. Housing relocation needs to dismantle and reinstall, project packaging, every tear open outfit material costs remain high, takes time and energy. Tear open outfit after four or five times, basically will be cut off. All points mentioned above is the difference of trailer and container room, when the choice, we should be careful consideration, if there are any major problems or necessary to our professional manufacturer, welcome your consultation.
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