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Where to use residential container prefab houses

by:Lida Group     2022-03-01

A new and popular way to build container homes is recently. It pre-integrates various advanced materials, processes and technologies into the factory, and then prefabricates it in the factory. The machined parts are shipped to the site for assembly. Operation is affected by climate. Low impact, no wet work, low noise, less dust and litter.

Convenience is the powerful function of the container room. Due to its own advantages, it is used as a temporary shelter on many construction sites, but many people use it in other areas.

[1] As a representative of green building, the first container prefab house eliminates environmental damage and concrete construction when producing building materials such as brick, lime and sand Impact. At the same time, the construction waste and construction noise are reduced, the seismic performance is high, the renovation and demolition are simple, and the material recovery rate and reuse rate are high. It is a new type of green industry integrating man, nature and sustainable development.

[2] Secondly, on the street, you can see containers. It is widely used in food retail and night market stalls by commodity sellers, which facilitates the transportation and construction of stalls and greatly reduces sales costs.

[3] In busy areas near the university, there is a night market at night. It is also very popular in modern times. The government allows some night markets. You can set up a stall as long as it is within the allowable range. Of course, when setting gears, I consider convenience and speed. Small containers meet these requirements. It can save costs as much as possible in exchange for greater benefits.

Many people seize the opportunity to make money, but when it is windy and rainy, people will have a headache, and it will not affect their business, and even the idea of u200bu200bsetting up a stall will be overwhelmed by the rain. In this case, buy a small container for business, which is not only attractive, but also cheaper, much better than street stalls.

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