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Which should be strictly abided by during the live person container living standard

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
For people living container which should be strictly abided by during the specification

container although sturdy, with all kinds of superior function, is the good choice of temporary housing, but it does not belong to the normal building houses. For residents, for people living container which should be strictly abided by during the specification, to ensure that in one container can be used in all the earth. For a long time

1。 standard do not use high-power electrical appliances, mobile using the standard socket used wire cross-sectional area of 1. 5mm? , unable to bear too much current, not within the standard rooms are barred from using water boilers, electric kettle and other high-power electrical appliances. 2. On the trailer frame do not touch the corrosive liquid, in order to avoid corrosion of steel, lead to damaged homes. 3. Somewhere containers force uniform, can force is too large, lead to the floor cracks or dents. 4. Activity room air conditioners to connection to the specified socket, can't he received its socket, so as not to damage the socket and circuit. 5. Container floor will need to ensure the smooth and tidy, and avoid uneven ground to make container house out of shape.

6。 Container do not use flammable and explosive inside the kitchen, if there is a fire consequence is unimaginable.

live one container features: 1, transportation is convenient for changing work place unit 2 durable room body is composed of steel, all have strong earthquake resistance to deformation ability 3 sealing good, strict manufacturing process make the trailer has the very good sealing since 4 can by the combination of space, such as office, kitchen, toilet size; Can be set up on the second floor structure, save floor space can be customized any size 5, if you have any special requirements can be customized to figure 6 flexible layout, doors and Windows can be installed in any position, interior partition can be set in any horizontal axis, the stairs can be set up in indoor or outdoor 7 container house service life of at least 15 years, can use repeatedly, saving cost of leasing out the sale.
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