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Why are an increasing number of home stay facility are in use in one container?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Many also choose container house on the construction site, at present it has turned into a different kind of fashion culture and art and be around the scenic spots and follow by the folk organization, has settled into another kind of fashion. Its beautiful environment, is a kind of prefabricated house alternative goods, especially in the rationality advantage more prominent. But now, we can see a lot of home stay facility in use for people in the container, is this why? Commodities, low price of similar housing, live one container is one of the most cost-effective kinds price, for example, in a single van prefabricated houses, for example, it the specification of the house price is cheaper than the price on the market for several times. For the goods, so can according to customer requirements to develop custom-made, it also can't move away from the housing, the shortcomings of unfavorable and personal needs, live one container comprehensive consider the various groups of habitable rules, from the transport, it finished derivatives, can move anytime and anywhere. 2, good in sealing in many commercial housing or movement inside the shack, waterproof and moisture proof need to focus on thinking, but don't worry this kind of problem, live one container because of its excellent sealing, application very manufacturing process, the waterproof effect is good, otherwise the effect of saving energy. Winter room temperature is stable, for example, in the summer heat can also be applied intelligent drop pattern, keep the temperature of the container at a lower level. Three, long service life of the living container application service life is longer, can from the following several levels spread theory, is good, one is the role of the external material corrosion, more earthquake resistant, anti friction material, in the step of time is not easy to absolute to damage. Second, it's fire safety effect is strong, has excellent flame retardant effect, and the framework of internal structure for steel, aluminum, which can resist the effects of the external force is required for a mobile, prevent damage, therefore to container transfer anytime anywhere. Three is it can also be based on human nature needs to carry out decoration. This also greatly improved its cost-effective, if have remove the demand, still can remove anytime and anywhere, then again after the assembly is not easy to damage its lifespan and application effect.
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